What is Rash’R?

Rash’R is those unforgettable, never-before-imagined moments. Rash’R is BIG DIVES, kite-loops, close gybes and crash landings. Rash’R is adrenaline, salt-water-in-your-eyes, deep breath and hang on moments. Rash’R is adrenaline over-load, scream-inducing, limit-smashing adventure. Rash’R is sunshine, blue skies and forty knots on the nose. Rash’R is roll-gybes, front-flips and all-new limits. Rash’R is true freedom. Rash’R is so much more than just the vest. Rash’R is a movement. Rash’R is a community. Rash’R is a lifestyle.

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